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The Australian events industry is worth $30 billion annually, and organisers are increasingly turning to technology to deliver more engaging events.

  • Entegy
    Across Australia over

    37 million

    People attended more than 412,000 Business events in 2013-14*

  • Entegy
    Entegy experienced


    Growth in new events in 2015-2016

  • Entegy
    2015-2016 saw


    Growth in new Entegy clients

*Source: BECA: The Value of Business Events to Australia 2013-14

A powerful platform redefining event technology solutions

The Entegy Suite is a powerful event communication and engagement platform. Flexible mobile and web apps, attendee engagement, gamification and networking tools, live audience polling, Q&A, chat room style discussion, multi-use attendance tracking, lead generation and self-serve badge printing kiosk software. All with an easy-to-use content management system called Core.


From Dublin to Darwin the Entegy Suite is used at events across the globe


Program levels

We have several program levels to suit your business goals with benefits and opportunities to grow and expand.


Why partner with Entegy

Gain access to an established team of event experts who deliver over 500 events per year. Our team can support you to create your specialised offering and generate additional income.

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    Grow your business

    • New revenue streams
    • Increase sales margins
    • Reach more clients
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    Scale and expand with flexible program levels

    • Add to your existing product offering
    • Re-purpose staff
    • Deliver complete end-to-end solutions
    • Reach more clients
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    Get started quickly

    • Create your unique offering
    • Access other specialised service and products
    • Support from our team of experts

White label solutions

Offer a consistent brand experience to your client


Now is the time to take on the events industry

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Where do you fit?

We have several program levels to suit your business goals with benefits and opportunities to grow and expand. Our Partner and Referral Programs offer numerous opportunities with various benefits to match.

  • Entegy

    Partner Program

    The official framework for organisations and businesses that sell and support the Entegy Suite. Collectively called the Ignite Network, they sell and support all or part of the Entegy Suite as a Partner.

  • Entegy

    Referral Program

    Designed to make it simple to start earning referral income. In conjunction with our Partner Program, Referrers have the option to directly pass on a lead, or make the sale and pass on to a Partner to set-up and support.

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    AV Specialist? Hire or sell devices, screens, kiosk hardware or scanners to complement Entegy Suite. Optionally offer on-site support.

  • Entegy


    Develop integrations to flow data to and from external systems.

Autonomous or assisted

The Entegy Core allows you to fully self manage your Entegy Suite or draw upon the network to bring your projects to life.


How Entegy supports your business

Built from the ground up in Brisbane, Australia - we’ve been investing in our platform, resources and team for over 10 years, so you can get started easily.

  • Entegy

    The Core (CMS)

    • Distributor login
    • Multiple projects
    • Quoting estimator
    • New products, features and updates
  • Entegy

    Knowledge Base + Resources

    • Comprehensive training resource
    • Videos
    • FAQs
    • Email and phone support
  • Entegy

    Support Infrastructure

    • Enablement through training and resources
    • Marketing campaigns and white labelled content
    • Sales collateral, demo and leads
  • Entegy

    Ignite Directory

    • Advertise your services
    • Find services to facilitate your project
    • Immediate exposure to event organisers
    • Inclusion in marketing campaigns

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    Tailor your custom offering

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    Deliver remarkable event experiences

Now is the time to take on the events industry

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