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If it’s powered by Entegy, it connects and shapes the Australian event industry.

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Entegy creates technology that powers events

Entegy is the event technology solution to deliver events of all sizes smoothly, efficiently and with no hassle. By harnessing the latest technological advancements and integrating them with a user friendly system, of its own design and Australian based, for the events industry. Entegy gives you control to manage your event, to deliver a positive experience for your delegates, whilst also delivering you significant return on investment.

Start with Entegy’s online platform, Core, secondly choose software, Elements, which will help you achieve your event objectives and finally choose services from Ignite, more specialised options that take your Entegy solution to the next level.


Entegy Core +


The powerful online management platform, complete with a user and delegate friendly interface, which lets you control and edit your event content.

+ Entegy Elements +


A number of software packages providing you a variety of benefits, which you choose to make your event technology solution right for you.

Entegy Elements


The option to take your Entegy solution further, by selecting specific services to your platform, which deliver a host of advantages to organisers and delegates.

= Successful. Easy. Events.

Powered by Entegy

Entegy Core


The starting point to your event is Entegy Core – a powerful platform which forms the framework of your event solution, giving you complete control of your layout, profiles, content and the look and feel of your event suite. The system is intelligent, expertly linking your chosen Entegy Elements together, streamlining your data as a result, to deliver a truly engaging and effortless experience for the user. The system also operates in real-time allowing for accurate reporting.

Entegy Elements


Entegy Elements are a range of software options, which enables you to build your event technology solution, which will meet your specific needs and objectives. Every individual Entegy Element delivers different tangible benefits, depending on what you want to achieve, from engagement with delegates to capturing their details.

Entegy App

App lets you use features such as submission forms, QR codes and push notifications, with no limits on content and allows for customisable design, which is ready for your chosen Ignite Deployment option.

Entegy Engage

Upgrade your App element and engage your delegates by integrating their profiles. Have smart filters and customise features, whilst having the benefits of a social network and controlling what’s visible to the public.

Entegy Interact

Involve delegates in sessions and the overall event experience via live polling, discussions and Q&A, which can then be projected to the audience and shown on big screen, if desired.

Entegy Track

Follow your delegates by using QR codes to scan them into events and sessions. Use the data from Track to understand, analyse and report on your event in greater detail.

Entegy Capture

Allow your exhibitors to collect the details of delegates by QR code, through their own smart devices. This gives them real-time data to manage their leads, which you can view too.

Entegy Regsitration

A smart registration system that fully integrates with Entegy Core and your selected Elements, for greater efficiency.

Entegy Badge

Customised delegate badges are generated directly from your profile data. Create print-ready files or print onsite with seamless printer integration and self-serve kiosks.

Entegy Market

Create and send professional mail outs simply and quickly to delegates, with the option to target them with specific content based on their profile information.

Entegy Elements


Bring your Entegy solution to fruition, by choosing service options which will enhance your Entegy Core and Elements solution further.

Entegy Content

Assistance with any of the content required for your Entegy solution.

Entegy Logistics

Services available to help with the smooth running of your event.

Entegy Design

Opt for bespoke design of any part of your Entegy solution.

Entegy Special Features

Custom technology features that meet the needs of event professionals.

Entegy Service

Additional services to help you, from the event experts at Entegy.

Entegy Deployment

Choose the best option to deploy your Entegy solution and make your App available to your delegates.

Our Team

With Entegy’s creative, service driven team looking after you, you’ll know you can count on us to deliver… because that’s our one and only priority, which we achieve time after time with a big smile and friendly attitude.

The event technology solution is a result of its four founders coming together and combining their unique backgrounds in events, marketing and advertising agencies, with the other half of the team, who understand and create codes to make new technology possible. Each Entegy founder brings a unique skills set to the company and this is what drives innovation and meets the growing technology needs of the events industry.

Unlike some providers, which are based overseas and unreachable when you’re running an event, Entegy is built and operated on secure Australian servers, by a homebased team, giving you full peace of mind. Today, Entegy is dedicated to providing an event technology solution that meets the demands of event professionals to help them reach their goals.


We have a highly experienced team of designers ready to help transform your brand into a beautiful app. We can also help with design of other event collateral.

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Our suite of Entegy apps

Entegy Capture
Entegy Capture

Some of our client work

Our suite of Entegy apps

Some of our client work

Successful. Easy. Events.

Powered by Entegy