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Orchestrate and customise an incredible event experience from one single point.

Empower your staff. Inspire attendees. Reward your stakeholders.

You have the controls. Our modular suite of Elements seamlessly integrate according to your specific event requirements with the Core being your single point of control. Build your event as simple or versatile as you like and effortlessly generate evidence-based data giving insights that expand with every Element. Secure, easily deployable and extraordinarily flexible – configured and modified instantly.

Event Apps

Information in the hands of attendees

  • Made for phones, tablet and desktop

    Made for phones, tablet and desktop

    Native iOS and Android, plus web-app for desktop and mobile.

  • Custom designed skin

    Custom designed skin

    Seamlessly integrate into your event brand.

  • Push notifications

    Push notifications

    Instant communication with attendees.

  • Sponsorship opportunities

    Sponsorship opportunities

    Deliver excellent, measurable sponsor ROI.

  • Flexible content - always up to date

    Flexible content - always up to date

    Wide range of page types, changes are instantly available

  • Collect delegate feedback

    Collect delegate feedback

    Via in-app submission forms.

  • Security options for closed events

    Security options for closed events

    With an app password or personalised login

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Attendee Connect

Attendee Connect

Engaging networking and gamification

  • Activity feed

    Activity feed

    Your event’s own private social wall.

  • Delegate networking

    Delegate networking

    Delegate list, private messaging and profile pages.

  • Gamification


    Drive engagement with a leaderboard and achievements.

  • Personalised content

    Personalised content

    Individualised delegate content. Flights, hotels and more.

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Interactive Sessions

Drive discussions with Polling and Q&A

  • Live Polling, Q&A and Discussion

    Live Polling, Q&A and Discussion

    Run any combination in any session.

  • Event App integration or standalone

    Event App integration or standalone

    Delegate access via your event app or our app portal.

  • Facilitator panel

    Facilitator panel

    Queue questions, add on the fly, monitor and control.

  • Instant demographics

    Instant demographics

    Using Core profile data.

  • Audience display screen

    Audience display screen

    Show questions, results and graphs on the big screen.

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Interactive Sessions

Lead Capture

Generate leads using your own device

  • Instant connection

    Instant connection

    Scan delegate badge or app to capture info.

  • Native scanning app

    Native scanning app

    iOS and Android app for exhibitor’s devices.

  • Note taking facility

    Note taking facility

    Remember your conversations.

  • Export leads to email

    Export leads to email

    A full CSV file of all leads and notes.

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Rapid registration with optional payment

  • Drag and drop builder

    Drag and drop builder

    Build your form in moments.

  • Kiosk integration

    Kiosk integration

    For easy on-site registration.

  • Payment Facility

    Payment Facility

    Accept payment via eWay or PinPayment gateways.

  • In-app registration

    In-app registration

    Instant signup and login via the app.

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Attendance Tracking Attendance Tracking Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Track, monitor, report and manage

  • Control ticketed sessions

    Control ticketed sessions

    Scan QR codes or the attendee’s delegate app.

  • Monitor attendance

    Monitor attendance

    Perfect for awarding CPD points and post event reporting.

  • Standalone staff app

    Standalone staff app

    Native iOS and Android Track app.

  • Event app integration

    Event app integration

    In-app scanner. List of scanned sessions.

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Kiosk Manager

Welcoming technology

  • On demand badge printing

    On demand badge printing

    Do away with trestle tables of preprinted badges.

  • Fast check-in

    Fast check-in

    Tap screen, enter code, enjoy event.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Flexible Deployment

    Multiple configurations.

  • Staff Control Panel

    Staff Control Panel

    Profile editing, badge printing and kiosk status.

  • Personalised Graphics

    Personalised Graphics

    Perfectly match your event branding.

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The Core

Create, control and analyse from a single point.

  • Event-tech management system

    Event-tech management system

    A single point of control for event data and elements.

  • Attendee profile database

    Attendee profile database

    Consolidate your delegate data.

  • Name badge designer

    Name badge designer

    Create dynamic badges using profile data..

  • Reporting and statistics

    Reporting and statistics

    Downloads, page views, attendee activity and more

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The Core

Launching in 2017, the Ignite Network is collection of industry professionals, endorsed by the Entegy Academy to provide expert guidance and support.

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